A Holistic Workplace Experience podcast

1. People First (Guests: Christina Herrera and Claire Rowell)

October 15, 2020 Season 1 Episode 1
A Holistic Workplace Experience podcast
1. People First (Guests: Christina Herrera and Claire Rowell)
Show Notes

Episode 1
A company's most valuable asset is its people. What have we learned this year about how people work and what people need to thrive in the workplace? As we create the future of work, what should companies consider to ensure that they are creating an environment and culture that supports their people?

In this episode of A Holistic Workplace Experience podcast, I am joined by Claire Rowell and Cristina Herrera, who share some fantastic insights and call out the need for companies to reevaluate how they operate to ensure that they are putting their people at the center of the experience. 

About our Guests:

Claire Rowell, Workplace Strategist, and User Experience Researcher

Claire leads the User Experience Research practice at Lattice, an HR software company that helps companies embrace the future of work and people management. Previously she was on WeWork's Enterprise Experience team, advising large companies on transforming their organizational culture and employee experience, and started her career as a Workplace Anthropologist at a design consulting firm. She believes everyone has the right to meaningful work and is passionate about making work more people-positive through social research, design thinking, and human change methodologies.

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Cristina Herrera, Change Enablement and Workplace Strategy Consultant (US)

Cristina is the founder of a consultancy that guides organizations to realign their people strategies to their corporate strategy, develop data-driven workplace strategies and behavioral change management plans. She advocates for people-centered approaches, leads with empathy, directs with honesty, and manages with agility.

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